How To: Use glitter mist to make a great scrapbook

Use glitter mist to make a great scrapbook

Making a scrapbook with glimmer mist, allows you to create interesting effects for scrapbooking. Shake the glimmer mist properly. Instead of shaking it up and down, shake it horizontally in circles. If you shake it up and down, it forces bubbles into the mist, which is the cause of splattering. You'll see a tornado inside, if you are shaking it properly. Distance from the surface, changes the effect of the spray. If the sprayer is spitting, instead of spraying evenly, then it means that the sprayer is clogged. You should unclog it, before you go further. One way to do that is to remove the cap and soak it in warm water. The first spray should be away from your project, in order to determine the way your sprayer is working. When you use the mister, you could coat the surface well, then wipe it away with a cloth for one effect. For another effect, you could use your brayer. You could also use screens and stencils and stamps.

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