How To: Make a paper bag mini

Make a paper bag mini

In this video we learn how to make a paper bag mini. Start out with your paper consistent throughout the entire bag and then distress the pieces that you place on it. When you open it up it will have several pages inside of it. Use different types of stamps, distressing, and tags to make this unique. Use a lot of tags to put notes and sentiments on and then add in designs that are all your own! Add in as many pages as you would like to and create something interesting. Leave it plain or add in details and give as a great gift.

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1 Comment

Thanks so much. My girlfriend made more than one and she told me how to but I had to see it.

Also appreciate the 'go do it' you presented with a great speaking voice, not to fast nor slow. And I really appreciate your not passing on greetings to your friends, family, etc. They might appreciate it but those watching will find it quite boring especially in a slow voice. The best of everything to you and your family. Thanks again.

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