How To: Make Amy Sedaris' Crafts for Poor People

Make Amy Sedaris' Crafts for Poor People

The multi-talented Amy Sedaris (creator and star of TV show Strangers With Candy) has a new gut-busting venture, now available in bookstores near you. Simple Times: Crafts For Poor People is a tongue-in-cheek DIY guide to projects like seashell toilet seat covers and ringworm pompons. In a recent interview with NPR, a couple statements rubbed some DIYers the wrong way (ahem, ugly people are doing crafts; pretty people are having sex). Or perhaps this didn't sit well:

"More than 8 out of 10 households have at least 4 out of 5 family members engaging in at least 2 out of 3 crafts 87% of the time. A staggering 98% of this group are homosexual men." -Simple Times

For the crafters who can take a joke, watch her interview below with Letterman, and scroll down for some of her projects.

In the gallery below, learn how to make a donut bird/squirrel feeder, X-Rated hot dogs on a rake (NSFW!) , potato ships (ew), pompons, and a TNT dynamite chew toy for a pet rabbit.

(1) Donut Bird/Squirrel Feeder, (2) X-Rated Hot Dogs, (3) Potato Ships, (4) Pompons, (5) Dusty Dean's Dynamite Stixx

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