How To: Use Chinese watercolor paint to decorate prima flowers

Use Chinese watercolor paint to decorate prima flowers

Supplies needed1. flower cut outs (you can buy them from A Piece of Craft)2. Water colors3. paint brushes4. clean water5. heat gun5. Water color pallet Steps 1. Add water colors to pallet 2. Add small amount of water to water color and DO NOT mix all the water color with the water. 3. take one color from the outer edge of the pallet and begin with the center of the larger flower and dab the water and lightest color on the center of the flower. If you need to add more water do so. The water color should almost reach the outer edge of the flower but keep the very edge white. 4. Take the water color and mix all together and press darker color to the center and work 1/2 to the edge. 5. finish the edge of the petal with a clean brush and rub water color around edge tinting it the color of the petal. repeat steps 1 through 5 for the small petal in a different color. 6. Take a heat gun and blow the petal dry. Make sure that you move the heat gun around as to not burn your petals. may use tweezers to keep them from blowing away. 7. Take a small amount of glue and put a small dab on the larger petal and place the smaller petal on top. 8. finish the center with a bead or gem. you now have a finished flower.

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