How To: Make your own designer brads

Make your own designer brads

In order to make your own designer brads, you will need the following: clear or colored ultra thick embossing enamel, brads, glitter, ink, acrylic paint, a heat gun, and tweezers. Brads are brass paper fasteners. Dip the brads in glitter paint and enamel. Allow them to dry. Another method is to dip them in embossing ink and clear UT. Heat it. When it melts, repeat. Dip in ink and UT and heat. Repeat this at least 3 times and set aside to dry and cool. Dip it in glitter if you like. Before setting it aside. This can also be done with out the glitter. Just dip the brad in black UT. Heat it. Dip it again and repeat the heating dipping process a couple of times. Set it aside to dry and cool.

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