How To: Make flower arrangements on a card

Make flower arrangements on a card

In this Arts & Crafts video tutorial you will learn how to make flower arrangements on a card. To make this you will need punched out pieces of flowers, snowflakes and leaves of different shapes, sizes and color. You will also need some small size paper flowers, glue dots and cards. To make flowers, you can take a rose and twist the wire stem around a paintbrush to give it a curly shape. Then put a glue dot below the rose and attach it to a punched out snowflake. Take some punched out branches and put them on a punched out petals design with glue dot. Now attach the rose and snowflake on top of this. Then you can attach one more bigger and a different colored petal design under this arrangement. Your flower is ready and you attach it to the card with a glue dot. You can put more flowers and other shapes on the card to make it more attractive.

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