How To: Make a "The 2 of Us" scrapbook paper bag mini album

Make a "The 2 of Us" scrapbook paper bag mini album

About a minute into the video, the narrator/instructor, Kathryn, shows the viewers the items that were used in making the mini album scrapbook. She shows the layers in which the contents are placed. She also shows what the finished product should look like, in the beginning of the video. A little past halfway, she shows her audience how the scrapbook is organized. Her prime examples were having a picture on one page and the person's written thoughts on the adjacent page. With each page, Kathryn also shows the items, or "embellishments," she used to page the album special and unique. Towards the end of the video, she demonstrates how she put together her wedding photos to make her "The Two of Us" album.

All in all, people will benefit in three ways. First, people will learn to use their creative side to give a unique present, no matter what time of the year. Next, if people have run out of ideas for special gifts, this video will open doors for new ideas. Lastly, this video could help create new hobbies for people who want to expand their horizons. Thus, if people want to learn new things and have fun doing it, this video will help.

(NOTE: the writer's audio wasn't working properly; the summary was the result of visual aid only.)

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