How To: Distress a tag using Tim Holtz distress inks

Distress a tag using Tim Holtz distress inks

First of all you have to arrange for materials like ink blending tool, ink blending foam, some tags to be used as practice surface and a distress ink pad. The tutor advises that you must not use a blending tool like a stamp and never make a lot of impressions using it on any surface. Instead of stamping the ink on the surface like a stamp you have to be careful while using it. Use a blending tool in such a way that the whole ink goes slowly onto the tag. Start by working the blending tool on the edges of the tag so that the edges are slowly covered by ink. Always use a light hand while doing so. Now use another color and start blending the two colors on to the tag. Now use other colors as well and spread them around the surface of the tag. Now use a darker ink to create some definition on end of the tag. Now by doing so you have a prepared a great background to stamp on. This surface is now ready for creating some art. That’s it.

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